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Exposure – it’s the magic word for any business. Exposure helps customers notice you, it helps generate leads, it can even help sell your products…but how can sponsoring Poole Christmas Maritime Light trail benefit your business and get you this magic exposure? 


Many of the lights are being made from sustainable materials, bespoke for this trail – that’s enticing enough on its own, but combine it with the words ‘brand new’ and you’ve got instant exposure across the conurbation with residents interested in attending, visitors booking to come and see the festivities in its inaugural year, the local media clamouring for images and possibly even the national media mentioning it in their Christmas round-ups as well – all bringing attention to the destination of Poole and potentially generating income for the businesses that lie within it. 


Sponsoring the Poole Christmas Maritime Light Trail provides a GREAT opportunity to grab some of this exposure, whether your business name or logo is visible on the trail with thousands of people walking by daily, or mentioned on social media or here, on the Poole Christmas website, in e-newsletters – and even in the press through a media release mentioning the sponsors.  


There are a variety of ways your business can be promoted by sponsoring this Christmas event – and with a range of packages to suit all budgets, why not download the sponsorship details and join us in this exciting Christmas trail now! 

Be part of the trail

Trail Map

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There are many ways local businesses can get involved with Poole Christmas Maritime Light Trail. We’ve created this trail map which can be downloaded and handed out to your customers or emailed out to your database, informing people of this new lighting attraction and encouraging them to visit Poole (and your business of course!) 

Window Displays

You can even be a part of this Christmas Trail, by sharing your plans for Christmas 2023. Are you doing an elaborate window display to captivate thousands of visitors as they wander down the trail route and draw them to your business? It doesn’t even have to be an elaborate display – something simple to catch people’s eye as they wander down the route, to show that your part of this new attraction would work.

Special Offers

If you’re opening late or planning any special offers throughout the six weeks that this trail is running, then please let us know and we may be able to help you promote it! 

We’d love you to all get involved in the Poole Christmas Maritime Light Trail, so please do share all your Christmas news with us!


Contact Alison Perrins – 

01202 123102

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